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Audrey Maloney
The official website of a polymer clay artist.

Hi, I am Audrey Maloney. Welcome to my artist website.

Since I have been able to walk, I was already interested in drawing and painting, and would sit for at least an hour on front of a piece of paper.

Over the years I have gotten the opportunity to experiment with every medium of art and find that I absolutely love it all.

Whenever I wanted to try a new type of art medium, my parents always made sure I had the right supplies for it. They believed in me and always were encouraging me. Because of that I always felt the sky is the limit as to what I can do.

My favorite subject to create is animals of all kinds. Creating people's beloved pets for them, whether through painting or sculpting them, brings so much joy when I see how much their custom finished piece means to them.

Audrey Maloney